Battery Coast at UiA

Hosted at the University of Agder
Connecting the battery industry, research, and education at the Norwegian Battery Coast and beyond.

Our mission

The Battery Coast bridges interdisciplinary battery development and research streams from academia and industry throughout the entire battery value chain. By establishing an application-oriented Battery Engineering education, in close proximity and collaboration with major battery players in the south of Norway and internationally, we foster the co-creation of battery competence. Through planned national and international workshops and seminars on batteries we will lay the foundation for an active battery community that spans from fundamental to functional and from enthusiast to expert.

Our research

In application-oriented research projects we focus on six major aspects of the battery life-cycle: (I) material characterization and electrochemical analyses in laboratory scale battery cells, (II) commercial cell format investigations and use-case specific design optimization, (III) strengthening the predictive power of battery simulations, (IV) battery management and control in applied systems and second use, (V) automated battery disassembly for recycling, and (VI) analysis of sustainable business models and regulative restrictions for the battery industry. For more information see our project overview.