The Battery Technology Specialization was approved by the faculty board in January and is currently added to the renewable energy programs. In case of questions please reach out to Tore Vehus or Johannes Landesfeind:

> BSc – Fornybar energi, ingeniørfag – Universitetet i Agder (
> MSc – Fornybar energi – Universitetet i Agder (

A novel specialization in Battery Technology within the framework of UiA’s renewable energy programmes (bachelor semester 3-6, master) is launching in autumn 2023. In our holistic approach we also plan for life-long learning courses on battery technology and expert courses for our battery PhD’s.

Find the plan for the specialization Battery Technology within UiA’s Renewable Energy programme here:

Start your education in battery technology now

The University of Agder already offers a broad range of relevant courses for aspiring battery engineers. A diverse skillset in electrical engineering, renewable energy, mechatronics in production, and data analysis are among the key requirements for a successful battery engineer and battery researcher.

Have a look at the course plans for the bachelor’s and master’s programmes in renewable energy. For a full list of course offerings at UiA click here.

Already an UiA student?

Are you a student at UiA and want to gather experience in the field of battery technology already now? Contact us directly for opportunities to work on projects with our battery research teams, working student positions, internships in the industry or similar.

Updated on March 3rd, 2023